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Why It’s Important to Select the Right Techniques During Mold Cleanup Work at Clifton, NJ Homes

If you notice mold growth in your Clifton, NJ, home, taking immediate action will be necessary since mold can result in serious problems. As an experienced mold cleanup firm, ServiceMaster Metropolitan will be able to take the right steps for complete mold removal.
Here, we will explore how our mold remediation experts utilize their experience to select techniques that will prove to be effective in the complete eradication of a mold problem.
Value of Experience in Mold Cleanup Tasks
How do you create the most appropriate containment zone?
This is an important question to answer. If the right containment zone is not created, mold spores can easily spread to unaffected locations in your home and aggravate the situation.
To prevent this, our mold cleanup experts utilize their experience to implement a containment area that will be right for a specific cleanup task.
While creating the containment area, our technicians ensure that it’s not larger than required due to the following reasons:

  • Managing air flow in a larger area will necessitate more equipment
  • Decontamination of the affected location will become more time consuming
  • There will be more leak points in a large containment zone, and technicians will have to unnecessarily put in extra efforts to block those leak points

Which type of equipment will be suitable for mold cleanup work?
Our mold cleanup experts have the required knowledge and experience to select the equipment and material that will prove to be effective in mold removal work.
Our mold remediation technicians know that if the air flow is to be correctly managed inside the containment zone, the right equipment will be required.
A manometer is a device that measures differences in air pressure by comparing it to an outside source, and it helps our technicians monitor the pressure differential inside the zone. This information is used to decide whether fans of appropriate size are being used.
Our mold cleanup experts select microfiber cleaning products with the correct fiber size to properly remove surface contamination.
Moreover, they only utilize it as part of the final cleaning process. If microfiber cloth is used for cleaning gross debris, the contamination will only be spread around.
HEPA Filter
The containment zone prevents mold spores from spreading to unaffected locations in your home. Similarly, the containment area should stop fungal particulates from entering the location where mold remediation work is being performed.
As such, our mold cleanup technicians secure entry points by using HEPA filters to make sure only clean air enters the containment zone.
For professional and thorough mold cleanup in Clifton, NJ and all of northern New Jersey, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan at (855) 560-7999 or learn more about our services on our website. We’ll dispatch a team to analyze the mold problem, check for underlying causes such as water damage, and meticulously perform the mold cleanup.

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