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Steps that Storm Damage Cleanup Experts Take to Restore Your Home

Storms are capable of damaging your Short Hills, NJ, home with all sorts of contaminants and debris. When storm damage occurs, the right thing to do is hire a professional restoration company for storm damage cleanup. They will take the necessary steps, such as cleanup of debris and emergency board up services, to restore your home to its pre-loss state.


The Tasks Experts Perform as Part of Storm Damage Cleanup

Remove Debris

The first task experts will perform is removal of debris that entered your home during the storm. This debris can range from floating objects to silt, vegetation, and similar items.


Trace Out Water Source

If the storm also brought heavy rains and water entered your house, the storm damage cleanup experts will focus on tracing where the water entered you home and the path it took.

This information will assist the restoration specialists to easily identify wet components such as insulation, framing, ceilings, and walls to take the necessary steps to clean, disinfect, and dry such components.


Discard Things That Can’t be Salvaged

Power outages can happen during a storm, and if there are hot climatic conditions, microbial growth can occur.

Storm damage cleanup technicians will remove all wet components, like laminated wood flooring, with the aim of exposing saturation pockets and facilitating air circulation within your home. If the flooring can’t be salvaged, it will be properly discarded.


Perform Cleanup and Disinfection

A professional restoration company will use specialized cleaning solutions to clean all surfaces. Cleanup experts will ensure the solutions are given a minimum of 10 minutes of dwell time to achieve proper soil suspension.

Contaminants will be flushed from all salvageable surfaces, and excess water will be removed by performing wet vacuuming.

Experts will then disinfect all surfaces like studs, decking, and joists using a strong disinfectant solution that consists of chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide.


Dry Structural Components

The final step consists of drying structural components by implementing adequate air circulation and ventilation. To achieve this task, different types of equipment such as oscillating or box fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers will be used.


If a recent storm severely damaged your home and belongings, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan at (855) 560-7999 for storm damage cleanup work. Our professionals have the required experience and technical knowledge to perform this task with perfection in Short Hills, NJ and all of northern New Jersey. We’ll dispatch a team to your home, check the severity of the damage, create an action plan, and begin the cleanup and restoration work.

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