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Storm Damage Cleanup and Its Associated Challenges

 Storms and their accompanying strong winds and rainfall cause significant damage to homes. If your Edgewater, NJ, home has been damaged during any such recent storm, then hiring the services of a professional storm damage cleanup firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan will be the right choice to make. Our experts will expedite the process so that your home can be protected from further damage caused by the influx of large amounts of water during a storm.

Here, we explore how experts manage the challenges associated with storm damage cleanup.

Storms and Water Damage

Gapped Floors

If your home has solid wood flooring, then the moisture reading is analyzed to determine the extent of moisture absorption by the floor. Even if there is a 10% increase in moisture content, the floor will start swelling and the shouldering boards will get pushed by about 3/8″.  Consequently, when the floor dries, it will create large gaps.

Our technicians will replace wood flooring with gaps since it is very difficult to fully repair solid wood flooring after such water damage.

Noisy Subfloors

If there are oriented strand board (OSB) panel subfloors and these experience water damage, then the subfloors will not be able to retain their fasteners when they dry.

These OSB panels reach 0.803″ thickness from their original 0.705″ due to absorption of moisture during the water damage. The effect of this swelling is that the panels lose their fiber density as well as their fastener retention capabilities.

When the panel dries, the fastener loosens, which results in a vertical deflection in the floor. Due to this deflection, the subfloor becomes noisy.

Fully aware of this problem, our experts analyze the panels to check whether replacing them will be the right action to take. The analysis involves using an ice pick, which is inserted into the subfloor. If the pick easily penetrates to a depth of ¼”-½” into the panel, it indicates that fastener retention capabilities have been lost.

Loose Floor Fasteners

If a floor fastener becomes loose, then you’ll have a noisy floor when the floor dries and regains optimal moisture content. For example, if there is a plank floor of 3″ thickness and its fastener spacing becomes 12″ instead of the normal 6″–8″, then the space creates problems such as making your floor noisy when it’s completely dry. In such a situation, our experts will have no option but to recommend replacement of the floor.

To conclude, having professional experience is necessary when performing storm damage cleanup. Our team of experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the necessary competency to understand the various challenges they’ll face while performing cleanup, and accordingly, take the required steps to achieve the desired results.

All you will have to do is contact us on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999, and we will visit your Edgewater, NJ, home, analyze the extent of the damage, and quickly start cleanup and restoration work.

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