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Storm Damage Cleanup and Methods Used for Odor Control

Storms and the flooding they cause can bring different types of contaminants into your Morristown or northern NJ home, which can result in bad odors. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is equipped to perform professional, thorough storm damage cleanup to restore your home and perform odor abatement. In the following sections we’ll look at a few of the different techniques our experts utilize to remove bad odors from your home.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Removal of Bad Odors

Air Out

One effective technique of odor removal consists of airing out water-soaked items. In addition, in enclosed spaces, humidity is reduced to get rid of the musty odors.

Scrubbing and Cleaning

Technicians check the types of odors present in your home. If it’s determined they are water-soluble odors, detergents that are water-based are used to remove the odors.

Oxidizing Biocides

Our experts make use of different inorganic agents such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone as these are able to easily oxidize odor compounds. For example, ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic compounds that are releasing odors.

Thermal Incineration

Storm damage cleanup technicians also make use of thermal incineration to remove bad odors since high temperatures help in oxidizing organic compounds. However, this process is avoided if it would be necessary to deodorize things during the cleaning process.


Germicides are another option our technicians utilize when there are biological odors. However, they prove to be ineffective when chemical odors are present.


When odors are to be removed from carpets, upholstery, and other textile surfaces, our experts make use of encapsulation agents. The benefit of using these agents is that they are able to trap as well as neutralize odor molecules trapped within the fibers.


If the odors have seeped into a surface, that surface is blocked with the help of sealers like epoxy, polyurethane, shellac, or varnish.

As you can see, experts select a particular method based on the nature of the odor. For example, biocides are selected for biological odors, and when organic odors are to be removed, incineration is used. Similarly, to accomplish space deodorization, odor neutralizers that are glycol-based are selected.

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