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How Our Storm Damage Cleanup Experts Ensure Your Bayonne, NJ Home is Dried Out

 If your home in Bayonne, NJ has suffered storm damage, the storm damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan can efficiently and thoroughly repair the damage plus take the required steps to prevent any potential secondary damages, such as mold growth.

In the following sections we’ll analyze the steps our technicians take to detect and rectify moisture issues caused by storm damage.

Development of a Drying Goal

As soon as they’re on site, our technicians will create a drying goal so the ideal moisture level can be attained. For this, our technicians develop a drying standard where moisture readings from parts of the house that escaped water damage during storm are analyzed.

However, if every part of the house suffered water damage, the experience and historical knowledge of our experts is utilized to develop the required drying standard.

Storms and the Associated Moisture Issues

The whole remediation process depends upon the accurate detection of the moisture problem in your home. For this, our experts select a moisture meter that will be appropriate for your home.

For instance, for items such as ceramic tiles, plaster, or hardwood flooring, our technicians will utilize a non-invasive moisture meter to avoid damaging these materials. They also understand that there could be vapor barriers present, and if upon analysis they find vapor barriers do exist, invasive moisture detection options are utilized.

A few of the details our technicians consider while performing moisture analysis include:

  • Avoiding Damage to Items: Our storm damage cleanup experts know that a surface will get damaged if a penetrating type of moisture meter is utilized for the probe. Thus, such moisture meters are used only when they strongly believe that moisture is present behind any particular surface.
  • Evaluating Depth: It’s possible that moisture may have reached a greater depth than what a non-penetrating meter can detect. Our experts know that these meters can only examine moisture issues to a depth of 3/4 of an inch. As such, a meter is selected after evaluating the possible depth that the moisture may have reached.

There are many crucial aspects that need to be analyzed during storm damage cleanup, and the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required experience and certification to conduct these tasks in Bayonne, NJ and all of northern New Jersey with perfection.

When storm damage occurs, contact us as soon as possible at (855) 560-7999. We’ll quickly dispatch a team of technicians to evaluate the damage to your home, develop a plan of action, and begin the required storm damage cleanup.

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