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Storm Damage Cleanup in Hamburg NJ

Wind speeds are known to reach hundreds of miles per hour during severe storms, resulting in significant damage to some houses in Hamburg, NJ. In such a storm situation, it’s necessary to hire a professional firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out storm damage cleanup so that your home and its belongings can be restored to their pre-storm state.

Storms bring debris and hazardous contaminants into your home as well as flooding that can result in water damage, increasing the risk of mold growth if the cleanup process is not expedited. Here, we look at the steps storm damage cleanup professionals take to protect your belongings while cleanup work is carried out.

Protecting Belongings during Storm Damage Cleanup

Depending on the severity of storm damage to your home, the cleanup and restoration may take several days or weeks to complete. Consequently, our experts take the necessary steps to protect your valuable belongings from inclement weather conditions and vandalism.

Our technicians decide the type of pack-out required after evaluating the level of damage at your home. There are three types of pack-outs that our technicians can select from to protect your belongings.

Types of Pack-Outs

On-site Pack-out

If our experts find that your home is not severely damaged or only a particular area has been damaged, then they perform on-site pack-out. With this selection, your household items are stored in spaces within your house that were not affected by the storm.

Container Pack-out

If a storm inflicted serious damage on your home, then your household items cannot be stored inside your house, so container pack-out is selected. If your property has adequate space, then such containers can be kept within your property.

Off-site Pack-out

The last option is off-site pack-out, which is selected when the damage to your home is so severe that household items need to be taken to an off-site location. Such locations are climate-controlled and secure, which ensure safe storage of your valuable belongings until cleanup and restoration work is completed at your home.

To conclude, storm damage cleanup is a complex task during which several types of pack-outs are considered to protect your belongings while your home is being restored to its pre-storm state. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a firm with the necessary expertise and resources to carry out the storm damage cleanup task efficiently and effectively.

Just give us a call on our disaster restoration support number at (855) 560-7999, and our experts will reach your home in Hamburg, NJ, evaluate the severity of your home’s damage, and immediately start restoration and recovery work.

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