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A Closer Look into the Different Tasks Experts Perform as Part of Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms are capable of causing a lot of damage to homes in Chatham, NJ. After a storm, it may be necessary to hire the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan to conduct storm damage cleanup. Here, we’ll look into the various tasks our experts perform to make things normal at your home, and then we’ll explore the reasons why hiring a professional firm is the right option.

Tasks Associated with Storm Damage Cleanup

Remediate Water Damage: Storms usually bring heavy rains, resulting in significant water damage. Our experts will take the necessary steps to extract the water from your home and thoroughly dry your belongings.

Stop Mold Growth: If 48 hours have passed after the storm and steps have not been taken to dry things, it will become an ideal environment for mold growth. If upon inspection experts find that mold growth has started, steps will be taken to remediate the situation.

Wind-Related Damage: Storms may produce extremely strong winds which can significantly damage your home. Storm damage cleanup experts will perform emergency board up if they notice that doors, windows, and the roof have been damaged during the storm.

Debris Cleanup: After the storm passes you may find debris scattered all across your property. In such situations, our technicians will take the needed steps to cleanup and dispose of such debris.

Protecting Belongings: If doors, windows, and the roof are damaged during a storm, your belongings will be exposed to nature’s elements. To prevent further damage, our technicians will pack out your belongings and take them to a secure offsite storage location while cleanup and restoration work is conducted.

Why Hire a Professional Team?

Reasons why it’s important to hire a professional firm for storm damage cleanup include:

  • Trained and experienced technicians are able to utilize their knowledge and determine the level of damage your home has suffered during the storm to devise a proper plan of action to carry out restoration work
  • Experts utilize their experience to undertake detailed content management with the aim of creating a catalog of items present in your home
  • Technicians utilize advanced tools for inspecting damage and accordingly decide about the type of equipment that will be required while performing cleanup

Many details need to be considered during storm damage cleanup, and the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required experience and knowledge to conduct this task in the best possible manner. If your home has suffered storm damage, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999. Our trained and skillful professionals are available 24/7/365 in Chatham, NJ and all of northern New Jersey to conduct thorough and efficient storm damage cleanup and disaster restoration.

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