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Important Decisions Experts Have to Make While Performing Water Damage Cleanup

Flooding from heavy rains can result in significant damage to homes and belongings. Moreover, floodwaters are usually filled with toxic contaminants that can cause health hazards. If your home in Caldwell, NJ, has been damaged due to flooding, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately to conduct the necessary water damage cleanup as soon as possible.

Our experienced professionals will take immediate steps to remove all the contamination from your home and expedite the drying process so you don’t have to face other problems, such as mold growth. Here, we’ll explore the different factors our experts consider when deciding if the carpeting in your Caldwell, NJ, home should be restored or discarded.

Water Damage Cleanup and the Decision to Restore or Discard Carpeting

After significant water damage, the most important decision experts have to make is what can be economically restored or needs to be discarded. If carpeting has been damaged by flooding, technicians should consider all the relevant factors to determine if it’s worth cleaning and restoring. A few of the details that are checked during cleanup include:


  • Restoration Cost: If it’s inexpensive carpeting, the water damage restoration professionals will remove and discard it. In most cases, restoring inexpensive carpeting costs more than total replacement.
  • Category of Flood Water: Water damage cleanup professionals will check the category of the flood water to determine if carpeting should be restored or discarded. For example, if the flooding involved category 2 or 3 contaminated water, the experts will discard the carpeting.
  • Duration of Exposure: Experts also analyze the duration of exposure to the water. If the carpeting has remained soaked for an extended period of time, it will be discarded.
  • Delamination Problem: Water damage repair technicians will analyze the carpet’s padding density. If they find that delamination has occurred to the padding and, in addition, the secondary as well as primary backing is degraded, restoration experts will discard the carpeting.
  • Age of the Carpet: Water damage restoration professionals will restore carpets if they’re newer and not compromised by the type of water, exposure, or delamination.


Water damage cleanup is a challenging task that requires many complex aspects to be reviewed and considered. By hiring experts, you’ll have the assurance that all the required steps will be taken to restore your home to how it was before the natural disaster.

For thorough, efficient, and cost-effective water damage cleanup in Caldwell, NJ, and all of northern New Jersey, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately at (855) 560-7999. Our experts will analyze the damage caused by the flooding, determine if items can be restored or need to be discarded, and begin the cleanup and restoration work.

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