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Water Damage Cleanup and the Problem of Tented Ceramic Tiles

Natural disasters such as flash floods are known to cause serious water damage to homes in Hamburg, NJ. In addition, if immediate water damage cleanup steps are not taken, significant secondary water damage can occur including structural issues and mold growth.


Hiring ServiceMaster Metropolitan to conduct the required water damage cleanup will ensure everything possible will be done to cleanup and restore your home quickly and thoroughly.


There are different complexities that experts face during cleanup. Today, we’ll look at one particular complexity that arises due to water damage.


Complexities of Water Damage Cleanup

In some situations, complexities may arise long after the cleanup work is completed, such as tented ceramic tiles. When this type of secondary damage occurs, is the cleanup firm to be blamed? Did they neglect to eliminate the moisture under the ceramic tiles which caused this problem later on?


The Problem of Tented Ceramic Tiles

Oftentimes, after water damage, homeowners notice that ceramic tiles start to buckle and become tented. This type of damage can appear to be the same problem hardwood flooring exhibits when it swells and heaves after water damage, but our experts know these are two different problems and fully understand the reasons behind them.


The actual reasons for tented ceramic tiles can include:


  • At the time of the flooding, the ceramic tiles absorbed a good amount of water and expanded
  • The ceramic tile was applied to a concrete floor which has also expanded due to the flooding
  • When the home was dried by the water damage repair technicians, the ceramic tiles also dried, but instead of shrinking, they remained in their expanded state
  • When in an expanded state, ceramic tiles have to bear extreme stress, and they can become tented and cracked due to such stress


Experienced professionals are aware of the fact that this problem can surface long after their work is completed. As such, they inform insurance adjusters beforehand that such an issue can arise. Due to the multiple and complex contributing factors caused by flooding, technicians cannot be held liable for the problem of tented ceramic tiles, nor should the assumption be made that the drying process was not completed as required.


There are many different and complicated challenges experts have to face when performing water damage cleanup. The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the required technical knowledge and experience to overcome these challenges to ensure you receive the best water damage cleanup services available.


If your home in Hamburg, NJ has been damaged during recent flooding, give us a call as soon as possible at (855) 560-7999. We will quickly dispatch our experts to your home to analyze the situation and start the required cleanup and recovery work.

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