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Using Air Movers Effectively During Water Damage Restoration in Short Hills, NJ

August 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Natural calamities such as floods can result in serious water damage to your Short Hills, NJ home. If your home has suffered water damage, it’s time to call the water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan to restore your home quickly and effectively. By hiring professionals, you can prevent structural damage and mold growth.


One of the tools we use for effective water damage restoration are air movers to help with the drying process. However, if not careful, mistakes can be made that hinder drying. Today, we’re going to look at how our technicians use air movers properly and effectively.


The Drying Process and the Use of Air Movers in Water Damage Restoration


Drying needs to begin as soon as the water extraction is finished. However, an overly-aggressive approach to drying can actually do more harm than good. To determine the best strategy for drying, our water damage restoration technicians first examine the affected area, looking for:

Sewage – Sewage contains dangerous contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. If sewage contamination exists and air movers are used before the area is thoroughly sanitized, the air movers will easily spread the contamination to unaffected parts of your home.

Mold Growth – If water damage has been left too long, mold can begin to grow. If we find mold growth we’ll have to contain the area before using air movers, otherwise mold spores could spread throughout your home. If mold is present in your home, we’re capable of performing mold remediation to remove the mold and ensure it doesn’t return.

Too Much Clutter – If the affected area is cluttered with furniture and other items, drying, even with air movers, can be slowed down. If items in your home have been affected by water damage, we’ll move them to a secure, offsite location to restore them. This clears out the affected area and allows for it to be dried more efficiently. Once we’ve made the area safe for drying, we utilize our industrial grade air movers to help dry the area as quickly as possible.


Relying on their expertise and training, our water damage restoration technicians can restore your Short Hills, NJ home quickly and effectively. We’re available 24/7/365, so help is always just a phone call away. For immediate assistance, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan at (855) 560-7999.


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Using the Latest Technology for Smoke Odor Removal in Paramus, NJ

August 13th, 2018 · No Comments

When a fire devastates a home in Paramus, NJ, we often think of the damage caused by the flames. However, smoke odor is also a persistent and destructive element of fire damage. However, with help from professional fire damage and smoke odor removal professionals, your home can be restored and free of smoke odor once again. The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan not only have the training and expertise to perform effective smoke odor removal, but also the latest technology. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the equipment we use for smoke odor removal!



Various chemical compounds like hydrogen peroxide can be used as oxidizers to break down odor molecules. We often use these oxidizers which can penetrate deep into materials, such as wood, to break apart the smoke odor molecules, effectively removing the smoke odor.


Hydroxyl Generators

While oxidizers can present some safety concerns, hydroxyl generators are safe to use in occupied areas and quickly eliminates odors. This means you’re able to stay in your home while smoke odor removal is performed.


Odor Counteractants

Odor counteractants change, mask, or cover smoke odors. They can be mixed with cleaning solutions, applied directly over a surface, or fogged. These counteractants either break apart or bind with odor molecules to neutralize their effect.



Fogging is exactly what it sounds like. We use a specialized fog that’s able to permeate throughout the home into otherwise inaccessible areas such as behind walls and under flooring. Depending on the odor in the home, we use either thermal fogging (hot) or ULV fogging (cold).



For permanent odor control, we use sealants. This keeps the smoke odor molecules from traveling onto another surface after work is completed.


Chlorine Dioxide

Our team stays at the forefront of technological advancements, including chlorine dioxide for complete smoke odor removal. Chlorine dioxide physically alters the chemical structure of an odor-causing compound’s molecules and provides effective odor control.


Also, exposure to daylight results in natural dissipation of chlorine dioxide. This means there are no harmful residues left over!


Chlorine dioxide in gaseous and liquid form means it can be used in different circumstances. For example, liquid chlorine dioxide can be sprayed over affected areas and, when in gas form, it can flow into hard-to-reach and hidden locations like HVAC systems and crawl spaces to eliminate odor molecules.


While our expertise and training are both essential to effective smoke odor removal, using advanced technology is also a priceless addition to our arsenal.


The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the tools, training, and expertise to successfully restore your Paramus, NJ home and remove smoke odors after a fire. We’re available 24/7/365 to help. Just give us a call at (855) 560-7999 for immediate assistance.

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How We Tackle Storm Damage Cleanup in Mendham, NJ

July 20th, 2018 · No Comments

Storms can result in serious damage to your Mendham, NJ home. The best way to recover is to contact the storm damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan to ensure the cleanup and restoration is performed quickly and properly.

Our professionals are highly trained and experienced so we’re ready to tackle any storm damage cleanup scenario. No cleanup is the same and we often run into situations that test our abilities. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the complex scenarios we run into and how we resolve them!

 Floor Tiles and Asbestos

If our team finds that tack strips have been used for setting carpeting in place, they’ll continue the water extraction and drying process. Our experts understand this means there’s little risk of exposure should floor tiles under the carpet contain asbestos. In older homes it’s not uncommon to find tiles or laminate that contains asbestos.

However, if the carpet is glued down and hasn’t separated completely from the floor tiles beneath, it’s likely the tiles will lift up with the carpet when it’s removed.

For our technicians to remain safe, they’ll avoid lifting the carpet until they can confirm whether or not the tiles beneath contain asbestos and continue the water extraction and drying on a temporary basis to prevent the problem of mold growth on other surfaces.

Walls, Trim, and Lead Paint

Normally, dehumidifiers and floor fans won’t disturb surfaces containing lead paint, making them safe to use.

However, if the painted surfaces show signs of visible deterioration or flaking, to decrease the chance of exposure we won’t direct any air flow towards it.

Advanced Equipment and Bonded Surface Protectors

Access to Advanced Equipment

Our technicians use advanced equipment such as thermal imagers (also known as infrared cameras) to detect hidden water damage in your home. Thermal imagers are able to detect the temperature differences between dry and moist areas and reveal moisture behind walls, in the ceiling, or other hard to reach places. This helps us to identify problem areas and treat them.

This also helps homeowners, as they can see the storm damage cleanup progress for themselves.

Using Bonded Surface Protectors

Microbial growth can return to pre-treatment levels in just a few hours after a surface has been disinfected.

To prevent this, we apply a bonded surface protector (such as Biostat) after cleaning and disinfection. Bonded surface protectors create conditions that inhibit microbial growth to preventing them from recolonizing.

The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are here to help you recover with storm damage cleanup. We’re ready for any scenario and will return your Mendham, NJ home to its pre-loss condition quickly so you can get back to business as usual. For immediate assistance, 24/7/365, contact us at (855) 560-7999.

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Selection of Right Procedures; a Critical Aspect of Mold Remediation Tasks in Bayonne, NJ Homes

July 17th, 2018 · No Comments

If you find mold growing in your Bayonne, NJ home, you need to contact the mold remediation professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately. Mold grows rapidly and will destroy whatever it grows upon, creates bad odors, and causes health hazards.

Today, we’re going to take a look into how our mold remediation technicians successfully remove mold and prevent it from returning.

Spectrum of Difficulty

A mold stain might necessitate removing a significant layer of the surface to make it look like new. For example, mold may trap soot or inorganic pollutants, resulting in stains that don’t go away easily. To determine the best way to remove a mold stain, our experts analyze where in the spectrum of difficulty the stain falls. Depending on where the stain falls, we can remove it, or it may be impossible to remove.

Using the Right Techniques

If we find a moderate level of staining, we use hydrogen peroxide or an enzyme to remove the stain. However, if the stain is difficult to remove, we utilize other equipment like a media blaster or sander to achieve the desired results. By using their experience our experts are able to select the right methods to accomplish successful mold remediation.

Choosing the Best Cleaning Solution

Our trained and experienced professionals select mold stain removers after closely examining their effectiveness in removing these stains. They also make sure the cleaning solution they select is less acidic and has higher pH level. For example, if a particular stain remover has a low pH level of 2.5, it’s considered acidic.

Our team members also utilize their experience to select bleach-based stain removers that are buffered close to neutral pH levels of 8 or 9.

Mold Killing Capabilities of Stain Removers

Our team has the required expertise to judge whether any particular mold stain remover can also work as a mold killer (fungicide). They ensure the stain remover is EPA registered as a fungicide and has an EPA registration number. If it doesn’t, it’s just a mold stain remover and not a fungicide or product that can kill mold.

By performing mold stain removal in conjunction with mold remediation, our experts are able to achieve the task of mold remediation and at the same time ensure your home looks good as well as smells clean.

Professional expertise is essential to successful mold remediation. The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the training, tools, and experience to tackle any mold scenario to effectively and efficiently remove the mold and prevent it from returning. For immediate mold remediation assistance, give us a call at (855) 560-7999.

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Restoring Specialty Items During Fire Damage Cleanup in Hamburg, NJ

July 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire is well-known for its destructive power and can quickly destroy a house. If your home in Hamburg, NJ has been engulfed by a fire, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for fast and reliable fire damage cleanup.


Our technicians are highly trained in fire damage cleanup and can tackle even the most severe fire damage scenarios. This includes restoring specialty items throughout your home. Today, we’re going to look at how our cleanup professionals tackle specialty restoration projects!


Horns and Hides

When performing HEPA vacuuming for items with horns, hides, or feathers, our experts ensure the vacuum’s suction doesn’t cause further damage to the item.


During the deodorization process, we use a hydroxyl generator instead of ozone. Our experienced technicians know that ozone can react poorly with chemicals or glues used during the tanning process of these items.



Before performing fire damage cleanup for artwork our experts first determine the type of art they are dealing with.


Is it an oil painting? Is it an original by a famous painter? Is it signed or has a rider on it? This analysis helps our team understand how valuable a particular piece of artwork is and whether it should be cleaned in-house or sent to a qualified art restorer.


When performing the cleanup in-house, our technicians make use of a special eraser that’s specifically used for cleaning artwork. However, our trained professionals are well aware that this type of eraser can damage water colors and avoid using it on these types of paintings.


Stained Glass

There are different complexities our team faces when cleaning stained glass. For instance, the seams are often made of lead and very soft, making them susceptible to damage.


Our fire damage restoration team uses non-abrasive, acid-free and ammonia-free cleaners to ensure the seams aren’t damaged during cleanup.


Also, to treat heavy contamination or soot, our technicians put the stained glass into an ultrasonic cleaning machine, but only if it’s not painted. Otherwise, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will remove the paint, ruining the piece.


 Finding Reliable Fire Damage Cleanup

Our technicians take extra care during ultrasonic cleaning to make sure there’s no risk of overexposure to cavitation and heat during the process. Overexposure can cause softening of the lead and result in the piece coming apart or getting discolored.


Fire damage cleanup is a challenge and should never be attempted by a non-professional. The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the necessary experience, tools, and training to quickly and efficiently restore your valuables after a fire. Just give us a call at (855) 560-7999 and we’ll quickly dispatch a team of experts to your home in Hamburg, NJ to help you right away.


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Tackling the Complexities of Mold Remediation in Hackensack, NJ

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Mold growth in your Hackensack, NJ home can be a serious problem. Mold will damage the surfaces it grows on, is unsightly, causes an unpleasant smell, and is dangerously harmful to your health. To effectively remove mold in your home you’ll have to rely on a professional mold remediation firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan.


By hiring our experts, you can rest assured the mold in your home will be removed and won’t return. Professional mold remediation takes more than splashing some bleach on the affected area. Today, we’re going to take a look at the complexities of mold remediation and how our professionals tackle them.


Using Negative Air Pressure and Air Scrubbing


Our mold remediation experts create an isolated work location and maintain negative air pressure while removing visible mold contamination. This prevents airborne contamination, such as mold spores, from spreading to other areas of your home.


We create negative air pressure by removing more air from the work area than what’s allowed to enter. This helps remove fungal contamination during the initial cleaning.


However, in some situations, we try to avoid using negative air pressure at the time of final cleaning.


If multiple areas are contaminated, utilizing negative air pressure will only cycle contaminated air rather than bring clean air in. In this case, we use a technique called air scrubbing.


During air scrubbing, our technicians use an air filtration device within the isolated zone without exhausting anything to the outside.


Since the air cycles multiple times through the air filtration device, it effectively reduces the particulate levels within the isolated area.


Proper Fogging for Mold Remediation


To achieve better results during mold remediation, our team makes use of fogging to play a supportive role to the process of air scrubbing.


Fogging is used to add micro-droplets of water to the air. Due to these droplets the dust particles fuse together to become larger particles. These larger particles easily move towards the air scrubber or settle out, helping to make the cleanup procedure easier.


Another good thing about our experts is that they have access to advanced equipment such as ultra-low volume foggers and thermal foggers.


The benefit of using this equipment is that they’re able to produce a fog with droplets that are the right size. For instance, ultra-low volume foggers can produce tiny droplets that are one to ten-microns in size which helps remove very small dust particles.


Our technicians’ experience and industrial-grade equipment both play a vital role in mold remediation. The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are prepared to effectively treat any mold scenario in your Hackensack, NJ home. Just give us a call at (855) 560-7999 for immediate assistance.

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Fixing Your Floors with Storm Damage Cleanup in Hackettstown, NJ

June 27th, 2018 · No Comments

Storms are often accompanied by heavy rainfall which can result in considerable water damage to homes in Hackettstown, NJ and across northern New Jersey. If you experience storm damage or flooding in your home, don’t leave anything to chance. Contact the storm damage cleanup pros at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. By contacting trusted professionals, you can rest assured that your home will be successfully restored.

Your floors in particular are vulnerable to serious storm damage. Today, we’re going to talk about how our storm damage cleanup professionals can save your floors after a storm.

Gapping in Wood Floors

If your wood floors have experienced water damage, our technicians will first take a moisture reading to analyze the amount of moisture the wood has absorbed.

If the moisture content of the wood floor has increased by 10%, it will experience swelling, pushing the shouldering boards. This will result in large gaps when the floor dries out.

When the swelling is severe, it may not be possible to repair your wood floors. Instead, we will remove and replace the flooring as part of our storm damage cleanup.

Subfloors and the Issue of Noise

Commodity-grade oriented strand board (OSB) subfloors are used in many homes. When they become wet from flooding, OSB subfloors can’t retain the fastener, even after they are dried.

OSB panels are typically 0.705” thick, but after water damage they absorb moisture and swell. This will result in their fastener retention and fiber density being compromised.

After the OSB panels dry, the floor fasteners become loose, and the floor experiences vertical deflection, resulting in noise-related concerns.

Our experienced technicians perform a field test to check whether it will be necessary to replace the OSB panels or not.

This test involves inserting an ice pick into the panel. If the ice pick penetrates the panel by ¼” to ½”, it means the OSB panel has lost its fastener retention ability and requires replacement.

Loose Fastening and the Noisy Floor or Sub-Floor

After water damage there will be loose flooring and the consequent problem of noise if the original floor fastener surpassed spacing recommendations provided by floor manufacturer.

For instance, fastener spacing for plank floors that are 3″ and above should be between 6 to 8 inches. If the spacing is nearly 12” it will be out of specification. In such situations the floor will probably create noise when it reaches original moisture content.

To ensure your home recovers from storm damage, contact the storm damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We have the experience and tools to restore your home to its pre-loss condition quickly and effectively.

If your Hackettstown, NJ home experiences storm damage, contact us as soon as possible at (855) 560-7999.

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How Our Experts Tackle the Challenges of Fire Damage Restoration in Morristown, NJ

June 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire can cause serious damage in your Morristown, NJ home. The best chance of recovering your home and property is to call the fire damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. Fire damage restoration is challenging and not a job for the untrained. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges our fire damage restoration experts face and how they overcome them to restore your home!

Treating Different Materials Throughout Your Home

Different types of materials in your home require different cleaning procedures, while some may not be salvageable at all. Our fire damage restoration experts are trained in treating the variety of materials in your home and how to determine salvageability.

  • Framing: If framing is charred 1/4th of an inch or more it will need to be replaced
  • Drywall: During the cleanup of drywall, we’ll determine whether smoke residues seeped behind the drywall. If so, the drywall can’t be salvaged
  • Tile Counters: It’s possible to clean tile counters, however, if the grout cannot be cleaned, it will have to be replaced
  • Solid Formica and Granite Counters: Similar to tile counters, if the smoke went inside, it’ll be necessary to seal the underlayer. The longer the counters are exposed to smoke, the greater the chance of permanent discoloration
  • Carpets: Carpets affected by light smoke can be cleaned and restored to their pre-loss condition through the use of industrial-grade cleaning solutions and equipment
  • Laminate Floors: Laminate floors have a layer of absorbent foam beneath them. If the smoke was able to seep beneath the floor, it will have to be removed so the absorbent foam can be replaced
  • Salvageable Surfaces: Our experts ensure that scorched and smoke damaged surfaces that aren’t being removed are sealed properly to ensure smoke odors can’t escape

Perform Smoke Damage Removal

Apart from removing smoke particulate materials such as ash, char, and soot, our experts also focus on removing gaseous chemical contamination. The aim is to remove chemical components such as volatile organic compounds as well as semi-volatile organic compounds that result in long-term contamination.

Our technicians examine the affected area, looking for particulates and chemical residues to determine which cleaning techniques will be most effective.

This also helps us determine the type of materials that burned during fire. This information is then used to identify the types of smoke residue present, so the right cleaning techniques can be used.

There are plenty of challenges our fire damage restoration professionals face. Thankfully, they’re armed with training, experience, and industrial grade equipment to restore your home effectively.

For reliable fire damage restoration in Morristown, NJ, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We’re available 24/7/365 so we can begin work right away. Contact us at (855) 560-7999 for immediate assistance.

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3 Tips for Fire Damage Prevention This Summer in Fairfield, NJ

June 7th, 2018 · No Comments

Rather than waiting for disaster to strike in Fairfield, NJ, or elsewhere across Northern New Jersey this summer, take the proper steps to protect your home from fire damage. In the midst of holiday celebrations, outdoor barbeques, and summer bonfires, it’s easy for flames to get out of control and cause serious harm. The fire damage restoration pros at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are here to help with our top fire prevention tips!

Here are just a few ways to take care of your home and family all summer long:


  1. Keep Fire Outdoors: Take all necessary precautions when it comes to fire damage! For example, position all grills or fire pits at least ten feet from your home and keep them away from low hanging tree branches or other flammable objects. Additionally, send smokers outside, and always make sure cigarette butts are fully extinguished.


  1. Take Preventative Measures: Always make sure you have a fire protection plan in place and practice it regularly. Create an escape plan, evaluate safe exits from your home, and decide upon a family meeting place outside. Additionally, routinely check your home for potential fire damage issues such as frayed wires or overloaded outlets or extension cords. Although this may seem excessive, it’s always better to be safe!


  1. Incorporate Home Cleaning: As you’re cleaning your home, there are small but meaningful ways to prevent against fire damage. For example, scrape grease buildup out of the bottom of your stove and replace HVAC air filters regularly. When cleaning out storage spaces, make sure to thoroughly check whether or not products are flammable. If they are, move these items to a safer location, separate from your home.


Taking preventative measures is the safest, best, and least expensive way to prevent fire damage in Fairfield, NJ. Take the necessary precautions around your home this summer, and make sure to play it safe when making bonfires or lighting up the grill.


For all of your fire damage related questions or needs, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan a call today!

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Complexities of Biohazard Cleanup and How Experts in Wayne, NJ Manage Them

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

A suicide, homicide, or natural death in your Wayne, NJ home can leave everyone in the family in a state of shock. In such situations it’s necessary to call ServiceMaster Metropolitan for professional, thorough, and discrete biohazard cleanup. We’re fully aware of the complexities and psychological aspects associated with this type of cleanup and take every measure to ensure it’s performed with care and compassion.

Complexities of Biohazard Cleanup and How Experts Manage Them


Privacy Concerns


One of the most important factors our experts keep note of while performing biohazard cleanup is your privacy. Our professionals keep a low profile and don’t provide information to anyone not associate with the project. We also perform work as quickly as possible, so you can get back to business as usual sooner.


Effects of Time


The sooner biohazard cleanup begins, the easier it is for us to treat the area. The longer biohazardous materials are left, the more impact they can have. Dangerous materials can spread to other areas of the home or become impossible to fully clean, resulting in replacement of affected items and surfaces.


Our experienced time is available 24/7/365, so we’ll get to work as soon as we get the call. We can perform work quickly to limit the effects and spread of biohazardous materials. This doesn’t mean we sacrifice effectiveness for speed. We thoroughly check the area before, during, and after cleanup to ensure everything is properly treated.


As you can see, experience is an important aspect in biohazard cleanup work, and the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the training, certification, and expertise to deal with it.


Our experts follow all standards and conduct all aspects of the required cleanup work in a very compassionate and thorough manner, keeping note of the psychological trauma family members are in. For immediate assistance with biohazard cleanup in Wayne, NJ and all of northern New Jersey, contact us at (855) 560-7999.

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